Haitian Street Kids, Inc.  (HSKI)

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HSKI - About Us

Prior to the tragic earthquake that hit Haiti on 12 Jan 2010, HSKI operated Family Circle Boys Home which provided shelter, education, medical services and training for 75 resident children. We also supported four safe-houses where street kids and runaway restavek slave children found shelter, protection, educational and nutritional support. 
Family Circle Boys Home, as well as the four safe houses were completely destroyed in the quake. 

This is a short video showing the
Family Circle Boys Home filmed in 2003.

Then and now, our outreach efforts provide resources to over 3000 children still on the streets that depend on us for help during times of crisis. Regular meetings and counseling sessions at night with these children in the different zones of Port au Prince assure HSKI of knowing the current problems facing the kids.
The destruction and loss suffered by the children and HSKI from the earthquake was complete and total. Four of the HSKI children lost their lives in this tragedy. Immediately following the earthquake, HSKI established a large camp in the Puis Blaine area of Port au Prince where donated tents and small wood frame and tarp homes were built by the older boys of HSKI.  After several months, a second camp was established in order to give shelter to more kids.

Photo left: Michael of HSKI and Sean Penn discussing the needs in Solino where the HSKI safe houses were destroyed.

Photo right: Michael of HSKI and some of the little HSKI boys looking at their destroyed home.

The boys of HSKI worked tirelessly trying to rebuild their lives, building shelters and homes for themselves and the other smaller children of HSKI at the newly established Camp Benediction.

Photo left:
Michael of HSKI treating one of the boys for yellow fever. 

Photo right:
Emmanuel, Baby Christopher and Charlotin in one of the completed shelters in Camp Benediction.

With no running water or electricity available, along with the rapidly escalating population of the camp from other displaced families, hygiene and sanitation became a problem.  Over the course of one year, the children of HSKI at the camps suffered five cases of cholera, two cases of yellow fever, one case of dengue fever and at least 50% suffer from recurring malaria.

Two hurricanes, as well as the relentless rains and flooding that ensued, has required us to repair or rebuild the homes and tents on the camps numerous times and has made the already despairing life in the camps even more burdensome.

HSKI Complex and Ourreach Facility

for Displaced Haitian Children

Plans are underway now for HSKI to build the HSKI Complex and Outreach Facility for Displaced Haitian Children.  Land for this facility has been purchased by HSKI and is awaiting plans and construction.  HSKI has obtained approximately one acre of land located in Jacmel, Haiti, a beautiful coastal town far removed from the corruption, violence and difficulties that face the children on the streets in Port au Prince.

This facility will allow not only for the resident children of HSKI to leave the misery of the camps and rental houses and have their own home, but will also allow us to take in many more of the young deserving children now waiting on the dangerous streets of Port au Prince. Plans for this facility will include a large comfortable home for the children with an onsite church and recreational facilities, as well as a free clinic open to all street children and poor residents of the immediate area surrounding the facility.   Also included witll be a comfortable and economical guest house available to all HSKI supporters, friends, visitors, sponsors and tourists. Educational and technical school opportunities will be made available to the children through cooperation with educators and technical schools available in the area.   As plans for the facility are accomplished and realized more information will be given and explained on this site.
New land for HSKI in Jacmel, Haiti.
Future site of HSKI  Complex for Displaced Haitian Children and Guest House.

Please consider being a part of this new project. 
Your donations will make this dream a reality for the kids.

Together we can give them a home and future!

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